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Our founder, Claudia, believes that life is not just a journey, but rather a rugged climb to heights.

Claudia is life-long learner and knows that growth is a constant process. With her dedication to personal growth and her love for helping others, Claudia is eager to share her experiences, knowledge, and skills to help you on your journey to living a life full of purpose and passion.

As a highly experienced leader in higher education, Claudia brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to her work. With two doctorates in leadership and a degree in counseling, she possesses a unique set of skills to help others confidently navigate the challenges of life and achieve kingdom impact.

She employs practical strategies and processes that she has refined over the past two decades, helping Christ-followers to achieve real, measurable growth in all areas of their lives.

Claudia's ultimate goal is to help others fulfill their potential and make a meaningful impact on the world around them. 

Hannah serves as our co-host for the Climbing Fierce podcast.

Hannah is an ordinary women invited into the extraordinary adventure of following Jesus. Hannah’s life focus has been raising up leaders who raise up leaders. Her passion has led her to work with college-age women for over a decade, while becoming a wife and mom.

Her master’s degree in leadership has equipped her with knowledge, while her experience has given her practice in leading herself and others to make a purposeful impact both now and in the future. Hannah’s story has led her to adore and coach others on the analogous journey up the mountain that encompasses so much of the journey through life.

She’s overjoyed to walk alongside our Climbing Fierce community as we learn, grow, and reach new heights together.

Taylor serves as marketing strategist & project coordinator for GrowthPoint Perspective and the Climbing Fierce Podcast.

Taylor is an author, speaker, and podcaster who is passionate about helping others thrive in the intersections of spiritual and emotional health. Her most recent book, Stop Saying I'm Fine: Finding Stillness When Anxiety Screams, and featured articles have reached millions globally, inviting readers to explore how faith informs our emotional health journeys. 

She holds a Biblical Studies certification from Torchbearers International and a Christian Leadership degree from Liberty University. Currently, she is pursuing her master's degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling.

Taylor is committed to the mission and vision of GrowthPoint Perspective, and she is thrilled to walk together towards greater awareness of the love, action, and Presence of God in our lives.

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