Adrift - Living Without Intention


On today’s show we are talking about intentionality. But more specifically, what it looks like when we tackle life without intention.   

“Most people want to hear or tell a good story. But they don’t realize they should be the good story.  That requires intentional living.”  - John Maxwell

Here's the question for all of us: are we living with full and channeled intention so that our lives are telling their full story? And if not...why not??

We don’t accidentally or haphazardly arrive at excellence, purpose or maturity. The key to unlocking our potential and stepping into the fullness of God involves intentionality, or what we could call the art of living with purpose.    

The Pitfalls of Purposeless Living

  • We waste time.
  • We waste money and opportunity.
  • We fall short of our potential.
  • We get stuck.
  • We get distracted.
  • We veer off course.
  • We are resigned to underperforming and mediocrity.
  • And we’re deterred by every speed bump, detour, pothole, and traffic jam on the road of life.

Simply put, we drift rather than drive! 

intentionality is important to be more organized and efficient in life, but it's also much bigger than that. Intentionality is a key to unlock the doorway to more of what God has!

Becoming More Intentional

Here are four things we can do to initiate a course correction if we’ve been adrift.

1. Prioritize Prayer and Scripture. 

Pray for God to start to awaken the will and capacity to get intentional (or more intentional) because the power is already there.

 2. Revisit the TEA Cycle.

We unpacked what the TEA Cycle is in Episode 3. Go back and listen if you haven' yet! 

If we aren't seeing a clear demonstration of intentionality in our words and actions (A), we should reflect on some of our thoughts (T) and emotions (E) that may be associated with our inability to be intentional.

3. Focus on small, patterned steps in a clear and consistent direction.  

On the surface, these small patterned changes can seem insignificant, but the long-term yield is usually far greater than those swooping, short-term bursts of energy or change.

4. Invite God to show you the WHY behind your personal call to productivity. 

What does he have for you?  What does he want for your life? No matter what season of life you find yourself in, he has a PLAN and a purpose for you, for good and not for evil, to give you hope and a future.

As a final call to action, we want to encourage you to begin to pray more directly about your WILL to work, Your ability WORK, and even your WHY to work.  We also want to challenge you to consider who you can share your story with as you grow.  Your story is not meant to stay on the shelf. There are others who need to hear from you and about the things you are learning and discovering on your journey toward the heights. So, please consider how you might share your journey and insights with those God places in your life and on your path!

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