Test of Faith


In this episode, Claudia and Hannah switch roles as Hannah shared about a big faith moment in her life. This story has to do with their precious little Lucy that we often talk about and how God proved Himself near and faithful to Hannah’s family during some dark days.

Lucy's story began before her birth, when Hannah and her husband Christopher felt prompted to pray over Lucy that her life would reflect, “God uses the weak in the world to shame the strong, the foolish in the world to shame the wise.”

However, they never imagined that her life would testify of this truth from the very beginning. Soon after Lucy's birth, she became very sick. Her unexpected and unexplainable physical symptoms soon led to a life-threatening medical crisis. 

Within a 12 hour time span, Hannah & her husband went from a 11:30am pediatrician’s appointment to the ER, to UVA, and then to DC Children’s by midnight that night. "It was a whirlwind and shows how sick Lucy really was," Hannah said, "They were not delaying any time, they knew she was in a fragile state and were not taking chances."

Hannah spoke about a moment that she and Christopher shared before they drove to DC, when they prayed and prayer of trust and surrender to God.

"This was a huge moment of 'even if not Lord, we trust you, we know you have our good in your plans and we’ll praise you no matter what happens,'" Hannah reflected,  "We knew that God loved Lucy more than we did, even though we could hardly grasp what was going on. We knew that God was showing Himself to be with us each step of the way."

Looking back, Hannah shared about her overwhelming gratitude regarding the amount of prayer and support they received.

"One thing was clear: the Holy Spirit was moving in His people to be united in praying for Lucy’s complete healing." 

Soon after they arrived at in DC, Lucy began to get better. To this day, the doctors have not been able to diagnose her illness or give a medical explanation for her quick recovery. Although various doctors shared their best guesses, Hannah and Christopher believe that God was at work.

"We truly believe that God miraculously healed her because there was such an outcry from His people," she said.  

To conclude the episode, Hannah shared the following encouragement:

If I can encourage any believer out there with one thing, I would encourage you to solidify who you know God to be in light of suffering before you enter into suffering. I didn’t doubt God’s goodness or why He was letting this happen because I didn’t care about Lucy.. No, I didn’t doubt because I know who my God is. I know He holds the whole world in His hands and that He is broken hearted over the tragedy and evil and tears we cry. And I knew He loves Lucy more than even Christopher and I do.

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