The Journey of Faith - Part 2


(This is part 2 of a conversation on faith. If you haven't listened to part 1 yet, go listen to last week's episode).

So what does it look like to grow in your faith? And what can do in the here and now?

 Lets jump into so practical recommendations to fuel your faith journey.

  • Wherever you are in your walk with the Lord, start a new faith conversation with God and invite him to do something new. Whether you are seasoned or young in your faith, God wants to take us all further.
  • In connection with that, prayerfully consider how you can respond to the invitation of faith that is surfacing in this season of your life. Scripture is clear that faith without works is dead, and just as fruit trees yield fruit, so our faith should yield action. For practical action step, take stock & honestly ask yourself: is there clear evidence that you are navigating life’s journey from a posture of faith?
  • Put in TRUTH. Scripture is clear that faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God. So, take inventory about what are you taking in. What are you watching and listening to? Are you giving your mind an opportunity to even engage an opportunity to grow in faith? 

The Center of Bible Engagement recently surveyed over 40,000 people as they attempted to explore the significance of biblical Intake. What they discovered was mind blowing.The study revealed that exposure to God’s Word (through a sermon, a podcast, personal reading, etc.) once a week resulted in a very small impact in the individual’s life. The same results for true with biblical intake twice and three times a week. 

However, when someone was consistently taking in God’s truth 4 times a week, the results were extraordinary. Below are some stats from the study:

  1. Loneliness dropped 30%.
  2. Feelings of Anger dropped by 32%.
  3. Bitterness in relationship dropped 40%.
  4. Alcoholism decreased by 57%.
  5. Sex outside of marriage decreased 68%.
  6. Spiritual stagnation dropped 60%.
  7. Viewing pornography dropped 61%.

In addition, to a regular intake of God's Word, community is essential. Biblical community can be a powerful place of personal transformation, as well as a space to have real conversations about our faith experiences. 

While faith takes us out of our comfort zone and invites us to trust in what we cannot see, it is not a blind, haphazard hope. There is a substance of this faith. Faith is an anchoring rock that begins with embracing a relationship with Jesus.  

We want to be here to help you press into that faith and to accept the invitation to respond to the Father’s love. While there is an enemy seeking to kill, steal and destroy, we also have a a Savior who offering life… and not just life…but abundant life. But this abundant life is not found without faith.

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