Unlocking the Confidence Code


Welcome to season 2 of Climbing Fierce!

We are very excited to be jumping into this new series that we are starting called “Unlocking the Confidence Code" -- and you do not want to miss this series!

As we get started, we want to emphasize that much of what we are going to share was curated from extensive research. So, we will include a bibliography of sorts in the final show notes (at the end of this series) highlighting many of the people and amazing resources that helped us better understand and engage this topic. We certainly did not get here alone!

So, let's dive in.

What is confidence?

Personal confidence, is something we can define as a state of mind and a buoying sense of assurance in one’s value or capacity. It is, as one author notes, this idea of being comfortable or at home in one’s own skin.  

Renowned psychologist and former Stanford professor Albert Bandura even went so far as to identify C. as a key determinant and gauge of all human behavior, meaning what we do in life is going to be directly correlated to our sense of personal confidence.

That’s why it has been called “one of the most influential motivators and regulators of human behavior” and a “defining characteristic” that shapes how we see ourselves and engage the world around us.

According to the research, confidence is not only an anchoring sense of personal assurance, a key to our personal achievement and success. 

But is self confidence a secular concept?

What's so important to understand as we explore this topic  is that we are NOT talking about developing a belief that "I am all-capable, amazing, and better than anyone else."

We are also not promoting self-reliance or trying to offer women an invitation define themselves however they want to.

On the contrary, when we talk about a healthy sense of self confidence, we are talking about a deep-rooted sense of assurance that we have been given a message, God-given purpose, and unique design that matters. 

Rather than looking at self-confidence as an ego-centric glorification of self, having a healthy sense of self confidence is more about the fact that:

Your design, purpose, timing, seasons, gifts, and experiences have been sovereignly orchestrated so that you can fully embrace the work of God in these things with courage and assurance.

Why this topic is of special significance for women

Studies reveal was that women everywhere (yes, in every field and industry and around the globe) are reporting a personal struggle with confidence.

In fact, the distinct difference in confidence experienced by men and women is so significant that this phenomenon was actually dubbed the confidence gender gap.  This means that women will likely experience a greater propensity toward underconfidence than their male counterparts.

This is due to 2 primary factors:

1. How women are socialized: Many modern societies have historically embraced paternalistic hierarchies that have recognized men as the primary, dominant figures. The simple fact is that many women have been taught (through their customs, traditions, social values, and imposed expectations) that they were to sit back and take a supporting role in the play of life. 

2. How women are wired: Women are wired to be relational, socially cooperative, and interdependent, while men are much more independent and individualistic. This means that women generally assess the value of who we are or what we do through the filter of our relationships and social networks. There is a deep interpersonal reliance on the people and systems around us. Women in particular have a strong sense of social reliance. 

Although under confidence is prevalent among women, there are skills that we can learn to increase are personal confidence. Over the next several weeks, we can't wait to explore practical, specific ways to grow in confidence! 

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