Why Confidence is so Critical


We are in the middle of a podcast mini-series on personal confidence, and on this week's episode, Claudia interviewed Trish Blackwell, a coach and podcaster who is passionate about helping people get past self-doubt, overcome self-limiting beliefs and to perform at their highest level. She is the founder of the College of Confidence and is also the host of the Confidence Podcast. Trish coaches women around the globe, many of whom have been Olympic athletes, CEOs, high achieving entrepreneurs, and cultural influencers.

To begin the conversation, Trish shared how she became so passion about the topic of confidence. She transparently talked about her struggles with self-criticism and an eating disorder as a collegiate athlete. "I didn't know how to take care of the temple that God has given me...I didn't know how to manage my mind," she said.

She soon realized how uncomfortable she felt in her own skin and began to recognize a personal lack of confidence. "I really believe that this whole season of my life was about a battle for my focus. And the reality is that if the enemy could get me to be ashamed of myself and believe lies, I would cower....I would not go out and be Christ in the world." 

As she healed from and overcome these struggles, she started the Confidence Podcast and the College of Confidence to help others recognize the importance of personal confidence in their own lives and God-given callings.

Confidence Pitfalls for Women 

Claudia and Trish discussed how women are inundated by cultural and societal messages of not-enoughness. Because of these messages, many women can feel like they are not enough to step into their callings. Women can become trapped in insecurity, self-concern, overthinking, and comparison, all of which can chip away their true confidence and true identity in Christ. 

"If the enemy can steal your identity and your voice, he renders you useless." Trish said. She emphasized the importance of confidence and courage, and how the two go together to activate calling.

When You Don't Feel "Enough" For Your Calling...

Claudia and Trish encouraged us to remember the God we serve: He is a God who multiplies. He's a God who uses the lesser. He's a God who uses the unlikely. 

One of the strategies of the enemy is to cause us to discount ourselves. Trish encouraged us to remember that the people making a huge impact are not necessarily the people leading companies or making legislation (although all of this matters). Everyone can make an impact in their own personal spheres of influence, whether this look like complimenting someone you don't know or being the first to welcome someone to small group.

Our responsibility is to ask God, "What do you want me to do with where you have me and what you have given me? I want to be faithful." 

 To end the conversation, Trish shared 3 ways to begin growing in confidence:

3 Practical Strategies Towards Greater Confidence

1. Pray. Praying that you would start to see yourself the way God sees you. We can grow win confidence as we learn to see ourselves how God sees us. 

2. Make a decision to be brave. Confidence and courage are cousins. We grow in confidence by taking action. And in order to take action, we have to feel courageous. 

3. Ask God, "Where do you want me to have courage today?" Is it the courage to make a difference? The courage to be kind to someone unkind? The courage to speak up for those without a voice? 


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