Hardship Series: A Mother's Journey Through Grief

Hardship will take different forms, last for different intervals, and differ in degree and depth, but the pain and loss they insert into our lives will share some definite similarities. It is often at this juncture of pain and loss that the comforts of life melt away, and we're left with the raw, unfiltered, unvarnished reality of our lives. Nothing seems to get to the core of who we really are than pain and hardship. In this episode, Claudia and Hannah discuss the launch our new podcast series on stories of hardship. They highlight the guests who will join us over the next few weeks to share their stories of pain, and God's redemptive presence. 

 EPISODE 25 SHOW NOTES: https://www.growthpointperspective.com/blog/hardship-when-hope-feels-fractured


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